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True stripes

Earning your stripes is a rite of passage that means you no longer have to prove yourself. In a military context the stripes are literal, in other contexts the stripes may be metaphorical – but they can be just as real nonetheless.

It’s funny how empowering stripes are. Bold in design, they somehow lend some of that boldness to their wearer and its this iconic and simplistic, yet bold statement of style that means stripes have been an ‘in-thing’ for as long as anyone can remember.

At Millbrook Beds, we love stripes too. And for the bold amongst you on the lookout to make a style statement as well as looking for luxurious comfort, you’ll love our GQ stripe fabrics.

Available in three colour ways – ‘raspberry’, ‘kingfisher’ and ‘aubergine’ – this quality and quirky fabric is a design for those who adore true stripes and who’ve ‘earned their stripes’ to feel confident in their design choices.

So, whichever colour stripe you go for, enjoy them. You’ve earned them after all.