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Uncommon knowledge 

At Millbrook Beds we think the best way to create naturally beautiful beds is not only to use naturally beautiful fillings, but also to spend time really getting to know what it is about the natural fabrics and fillings we use that makes them so unique.

At Millbrook Beds we use regular and Egyptian cotton to hand-make our luxury mattresses. But, did you know that Egyptian cotton and regular cotton originate from completely different plants? Egyptian cotton and regular cotton don’t just differ in their locality to Egypt, the cotton from an Egyptian cotton plant as opposed to a regular cotton plant has a different composition.

The most obvious difference is the length of fibre in Egyptian cotton. Egyptian cotton is grown in the rich soil that runs alongside the Nile. In fact, the long cotton fibres associated with Egyptian cotton owe their uniqueness to the moist atmosphere of the Nile River Valley that produces ideal conditions to raise long cotton fibres. 

It’s this length that gives Egyptian cotton a softer feel, lustrous texture and sheen. When woven, the longer and finer fibres are threaded to make a dense yet breathable fabric. And it’s this luxury feel and breathability that make Egyptian cotton the perfect fabric for #perfectsleep. 

Another key distinction between regular and Egyptian cotton is that Egyptian cotton is more porous. This means that Egyptian cotton can absorb more moisture than regular cotton and this, alongside it’s breathability, helps to regulate your body’s temperature and comfort during sleep and is why we only use Egyptian cotton covers for our luxury mattresses.

Knowing and understanding our fabrics and fillings helps us harness their natural beauty to create naturally #perfectsleep.