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The concept of uniqueness and a sense of individuality is something of a postmodern preoccupation. We’re always looking for ways to stand out from the crowd by adding authentic features to our homes, individual body art to our skin and fresh content to our social media feeds.

At Millbrook Beds, we like things to be unique too – uniquely brilliant in fact. Each filling and material we use in the development of a new luxury handmade mattress or bed from Millbrook Beds is carefully selected because of its unique properties and what those properties will add to creating a #perfectsleep product, for you.

Take pashmina – there’s no other natural fibre like it. Looking at the cell structure of pashmina fibre, it has a flatter cuticle than wool, which is why pashmina creates a sleek and lustrous surface texture. The unique cell type of pashmina also means it has a higher packing density, which makes it a highly resilient fibre that doesn’t crimp under pressure.

These unique properties make pashmina a perfect choice for our luxury mattresses. So if (like many) you love unique things – you’ll love the authentic craftsmanship, materials and quality of our handmade beds, each one individually handmade at Millbrook Beds.