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Up all night

Much of the nation has a similar and relatively traditional approach to celebrating Christmas. The turkey, the tree, the advent calendars…they vary in style from home to home but nonetheless they’re usually to be found in some iteration in most households. However, if Christmas is a time for shared tradition, New Year can see us more divided in our approach to celebrations.

Some people love to ring in the New Year with the same people doing the same thing each year – incorporating traditional NYE activities such as fireworks, out of tune renditions of Auld Lang Syne or even raising a glass of whisky for Hogmanay.

Some people choose not to celebrate at all and tuck themselves up in bed early to ensure they miss Big Ben’s midnight bongs.

Some people prefer to mix things up year to year but for others, New Year is a time to do something weird. After all, when else do we take a mid-winter midnight dip in the sea? When else in the year do we smash things in celebration (it’s not just the Greeks…Italians even smash old TVs on NYE!).

Whenever you’re planning to get to bed this New Year, find #perfectsleep awaiting you before or after Big Ben bongs in the luxurious comfort of your handmade Millbrook Bed – we honestly can’t think of a better way to begin 2020.

Happy New Year!