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Up the ante

The arrival of March and a handful of bright sunny days has inspired us in many ways, including upping the ante in what we wear. Let’s face it, there’s been no dressing up this winter. There were no festive gatherings, parties or events and a hefty proportion of the nation have lived out the first months of 2021 in pyjamas. 

But the fluctuating temperatures of March can present a wardrobe challenge of their own – leaving the house dressed for one weather, when in fact every hour can feel like a different day weather-wise.

Living in the U.K., we may raise an occasional eyebrow about the changeable weather, but fluctuating temperatures and weather conditions characterise our great British weather. Which is why – in the U.K. especially – it’s important that our mattress helps us manage our body temperature as we sleep.

At Millbrook Beds, we use layers of natural fillings and high quality processes to bring you the best in sleep luxury. The notion of what is luxurious can often be thought of in isolation to what is most practical, but in this case it’s not. Natural fillings such as wool are not only luxurious in feel, there is no man made fabric that can better manage heat than natural wool.

Without this all-important overnight temperature regulation helping our bodies to retain heat on cooler nights and expend with excess heat on hot nights, our brains would have to keep stepping in, i.e. we’d likely keep waking up to add and remove duvets and blankets.

Combining layers of cotton, silk, cashmere and wool all enveloped by a hand-tufted Egyptian cotton cover, means you can find comfortable layers – even beneath your sheets. 

Up the ante with #perfectsleep from Millbrook Beds.