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Veg out

If you never ever looked at a calendar you’d still always know when New Year came around. The veg aisles in the supermarket are a lot busier than usual, smoothie makers are flying off the shelf and there are flyers and adverts for gym memberships pretty much everywhere you look.

We live in a more is more culture and – even after a period of excessive festive eating and drinking when it feels like ‘less’ should be the answer – we still find a way to make it about ‘more’: more raw juices, more exercise, more travelling, more physical challenges, more philanthropy.

Notwithstanding the benefits of all these things in our lives, especially maintaining healthy eating and exercise, sometimes we need to veg out in the metaphorical sense too. Our more is more mentality allows little room for any space in our lives as we busily fill every last moment with important and unimportant somethings.

The anecdote, as Winnie the Pooh is so famously quoted for, is:

Doing nothing often leads to the very best of something.

How often when you’ve taken a break from life to go on holiday or with a period of illness do you return with a renewed sense of perspective or, having had the benefit of valuable thinking time, with a renewed direction altogether in life?

So this year, veg out a bit more and – with a luxury handcrafted from Millbrook Beds – find a bed worthy of doing nothing this year and for years to come…