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Vitamin sleep

Never miss a beat on your daily dose of vitamins? Probably not as, for people that take vitamins, vitamins tend to be a strict part of their daily routine and wellbeing habits.

And that’s fantastic, nothing wrong with that whatsoever. Except when you consider that the same people can still – mistakenly – consider their vitamin habits to be more important than their sleep habits.

Vitamins can have many benefits, but the reality is that there’s probably now as much evidence relating to the long term health benefits of positive sleep habits as there are vitamins. So if you’re popping a daily multi vitamin in the hope it will take care of your long term health, all the while harbouring poor sleep habits, you might not be doing as much for your health as you think you are.

Try taking some vitamin sleep. It’s free and, with the right dosage, it can have almost immediate effects on your emotional, mental and physical wellbeing. And the good news is your daily dose is easy with our selection of luxury handcrafted mattresses and beds from Millbrook Beds – browse our collections online now.

Vitamins matter, but your sleep matters more.