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Voice in the wilderness 

Voice in the wilderness 

The voices of friends may advise. The voices of social media may misinform. The voices of family may criticise. The voices of Google may overwhelm. In amongst the many ‘voices’ that speak into our lives, the one we’re often most likely to listen to is the voice inside our head that communicates our raw instincts, our insecurities, our moral compass.

But with the opportunity for fewer voices to crowd our lives right now, there’s also an opportunity to listen to another voice we rarely listen to – our body – a voice in the wilderness.

Our body constantly gives us signs communicating its needs; it’s just that we often ignore or deliberately override them. We routinely mask daytime tiredness with a runaway train of caffeine, we feed physical restlessness with a binge diet of TV box-sets, we override weariness with an arsenal of sugary snacks.

Taking time to listen to our body means we’re more likely to respond to what we hear, synchronising our lifestyle habits to our physical needs instead of living in a state of perpetual rebellion against them.

Maybe there’s a voice telling you you’re not getting what you need from your sleep? At Millbrook Beds we’re good listeners. Listening to our customers’ sleep needs for over 70 years has helped us create our recipe for #perfectsleep, perhaps it’s time you tried it?