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Wake up well

Never has there been such a focus on staying well for the changing season. The stakes are higher than ever and more people are thinking about positive steps they can take to strengthen their immune system.

As well as a better diet, more exercise or for some a first foray in vitamin supplements, people are waking up to the important role that sleep has to play in keeping us well.

And it’s not just about the difference between feeling weary or energised, when we sleep our body produces a protein called cytokines which are an important part of our body’s immune response. Cytokines are crucial to our immune response to infection, inflammation, cancer and trauma and, when we don’t sleep enough, our body makes fewer of them.

It’s never been more important to wake up well and to wake up to the natural benefits of natural sleep. And it’s also never been easier with luxury mattresses and beds handmade using naturally beautiful fillings and materials from Millbrook Beds.