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Warm and fuzzy

Who doesn’t love a warm and fuzzy feeling? Luckily there’s plenty to be had at this time of year…

In a metaphorical sense with cutesy nativity performances to watch and festive films-a-plenty crammed full of scenes to inspire those warm and fuzzy feelings. And in a more literal sense as we come inside to warm ourselves with a bath, bowl of soup or – if we’re really lucky – in front of a log fire after having been outside in the cold. And, in this latter sense, warmth can have a warming effect both physically and emotionally as it has a genuinely comforting effect on us.

Warmth is an important part of the design of our luxury handmade mattresses and beds. Carefully balancing and layering fillings to create a mattress that is not only breathable but that supports and responds to your body’s temperature regulation all year round is imperative for sleep comfort.

The use of Hampshire Wool in our mattresses is key to this. A naturally thermo-regulating fibre, wool not only warms us, it wicks heat and moisture away from the body enabling our body to maintain a warm yet comfortable temperature – without having to wake through the night to adjust the number of layers on our beds.