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Warmth versus heat

True comfort teeters on a fine balance between warmth and heat.

Warmth has an infinitely comforting effect on us physically and emotionally. Think of the comforting warmth of the late afternoon sun in the fading warmth of a summers day, the warm and familiar weight of your pet on your lap of an evening or the relaxing warmth of a perfect bubble bath.

But turn the temperature up a few notches and all the comfort goes away…the sun suddenly feels too hot to sit in, you swiftly find yourself wanting to push that beloved pet off your lap and your too-hot bath makes you feel giddy.

Temperature is important to our comfort around the clock and, by day, we can make conscious adjustments to maintain our comfort. Alas, after bedtime, we check out into unconsciousness and leave our bodies to it. For this reason it may not surprise you to know that temperature can be a leading cause of sleep disturbance.

As we move towards the hotter weather, many more of us may begin to struggle with the hotter nighttimes and people start talking about putting their habits for frozen pillowcases and the like.

Really and truly however unless you’re fortunate enough to be able to install air conditioning, the most effective way to manage heat at nighttime is by choosing natural fibres for your nightwear, bed clothes and – most crucially of all – for your sleeping surface. Natural fibres such as cotton have time and again been proven to regulate temperature more effectively than synthetic materials.

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