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Waste not

Older generations would always pepper their speech with proverbs such as “waste not, want not” reminding us that wastefulness can be costly. However, in the 21st century, the concept of “waste not, want not” means more than our grandparents and the generations before them could’ve ever imagined.

That’s because waste now has a wider association than the cost it represents to our individual households or the sense of how economical we are in our housekeeping. Our contemporary association of wastefulness speaks to our increased awareness of environmental issues and – whether in the domesticity of our homes or on a larger playing field – our desire and need to ‘waste not’ is greater than ever.

Living more sustainable lives is a journey and, in the current leg of our journey at Millbrook Beds, we’re currently re-purposing nine million plastic bottles each year for use in our award-winning mattress borders and headboards. That’s nine million plastic bottles ‘wasted not’ in our minds and nine million bottles that won’t be adding to the plastic crisis in our oceans.

Let’s keep doing what we can to waste not and – with any hope – leave future generations to want not.