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What are you waiting for?

There’s no oversimplifying Covid-19 or the experience of living it; no two people have lived the same experience.

But, to those living under lockdown with time on your hands, chances are you’ve kept busy. Because that’s how we’ve responded to the sudden emptying of our lives isn’t it? By filling them up back up again with new things…new fitness routines, extra cleaning tasks, craft or DIY projects, volunteering, caring for neighbours, learning new skills.

We’re not knocking it – keeping busy has a purpose in staving off anxiety, keeping fit has obvious benefits and finding new ways to care for others could effect the biggest change of all. But, in all your busyness, have you found time to relax? Because it begs the question, if not now, when?

What are you waiting for? Although it doesn’t seem like it now, this window of time will pass and the treadmill of life will speed up again. So, if you’re at home with time on your hands, this could be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to relax, regroup and regain perspective – use it.

So enjoy a little extra relaxation time by day and, by night, relax more deeply in the sumptuous comfort of a luxury handcrafted Millbrook Bed.