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Where we’re needed

Like many, at Millbrook Beds we had big plans for 2020.

Our plans involved taking our fine English made products further than they’ve ever been before – both in a literal and non-literal sense. But all that’s changed for now.

For now, we’re devoting our every effort to where we’re needed most, right here at home. But these efforts are still taking us further from anything we’ve gone before.

So far, that ‘further’ has seen us build over 3000 beds in support of Ultimate Healthcare and The NHS.  We’ve made scrubs and now we’re making gowns. Changing everything about the way we work at days (sometimes only hours) notice hasn’t been easy, but we’re incredibly proud of our dedicated and talented team at Millbrook Beds, without whom, we wouldn’t have been able to rise to this challenge.

So far, we haven’t been where we planned to be in 2020, but we’ve been where we’re needed.