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Wiggle room

It’s funny how many people still have an all-too-literal thought process when it comes selecting the size of their bed: a single bed for one person, a double for two. But, much like the narrow train of thought, it’s a thought process that doesn’t allow much wiggle room.

A standard double bed allows co-sleepers 67.5cm per half of the bed, assuming your side of the bed equates to half! This measurement is only 7cm wider than the average cot mattress, and yet we’d never dream of sleeping on one of those.

The truth is that – for many reasons – we need plenty of wiggle room at nighttime. Some people turn over as many as 40-50 times each night so, sleeping in such close quarters, it’s no surprise partner disturbance is regularly cited as attributing to poor sleep. As a nation we’re not getting smaller and it stands to reason that, if we’re on the larger size, we’re going to be needing a larger sleeping area to feel comfortable.

At Millbrook Beds, our luxurious handmade mattresses and beds come in sizes up to Super King (180cm / 6’0 wide) as standard and can be made larger still for bespoke orders.