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Win the morning, win the day

There’s been much made of the link between successful people and positive morning routines. The morning routines of influential leaders in the world of business and politics have often featured as part of interviews – each time with an emphasis on how important these routines are to beginning the day with a positive mindset.

Whether the routines centre around exercise, mindfulness, taking time to plan and prioritise tasks or simply taking time to eat breakfast with family – there’s psychology to suggest that these routines can help reduce our stress levels, encourage a pro-active mindset and help us feel more in control of our day, all before we ever step out of our front doors.

At Millbrook Beds, we’re absolute believers in the positive effects of routines but – for us – there’s an undoubtable connectedness between morning routines and what happens the night before. Positive sleep that comes from similarly positive bedtime routines and from unbroken, comfortable sleep is the key to unlocking a better tomorrow in terms of how you feel physically, mentally and emotionally. 

Sleep well and recharge yourself for a better, stronger tomorrow with luxurious #perfectsleep comfort from Millbrook Beds.