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These days, the sky is the limit when it comes to making our kids dreams come true.

Whatever our means, in most cases it’s true to say that our kids have more than the generations that have gone before them. Some kids today have birthday parties befitting of celebrities complete with towering cakes, actors in costume as their favourite film characters and serious swag in the party bags. Bigger and more sophisticated toys are a given and in terms of the ultimate in toys, staggeringly, according to a survey by MusicMagpie, a quarter of children under six now has a smartphone!*

And our desire to fill our kids lives with the most wonderful of everything doesn’t end at bedtime. Kids bedrooms are wonderlands inspired by their parents (or designers) imaginations – or perhaps most often by some of Pinterest’s most followed boards in any case.

Matching wallpaper, curtains and lampshades to a theme no longer cuts the mustard. Some of the ultimate kids bedrooms go further by building out on an immersive theme with rope bridges connecting canopied play areas and beds that double as magical play structures, all finished with lighting and soft furnishings to rival the toy department in Harrods.

For us at Millbrook Beds, we love that parents want to make their kids bedrooms that much more creative and that parents are giving more thought to crafting relaxation into their kids day. And, in all this creativity, sleep comfort remains a key component. Lovely though that designed princess castle bedroom is, it still ought to be built around a comfortable bed fit for a princess.

Value your kids sleep comfort as you would your own with luxury handmade mattresses and beds from Millbrook Beds. A modern kids bedroom may be a wonderland, but a comfortable bed remains the only ingredient for wonderful sleep.

* Source: The Independent https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets-and-tech/children-smartphone-ideal-age-social-media-snapchat-youtube-a8294701.html