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Your vision 

There’s few things more satisfying than seeing your vision brought to life

Everyone’s vision of #perfectsleep can look quite different. To one person, #perfectsleep is an extra large firm bed, to the next person it’s a smaller soft and cosy bed; there’s many factors that influence what makes a mattress and bed right for you. 

Giving our customers the power to choose, at Millbrook Beds we bring your vision for #perfectsleep to life. 

On the surface…

This choice means you can choose a headboard from our range of luxury handmade designs to style your bed, you can choose a flush fit storage combination for your divan base and you can choose from a wide range of fabrics in a range of colours to create your vision for what your bed looks like and how it functions.

Under the covers…

This choice means you can choose a mattress from our many ranges that blend together different variations of naturally luxurious fillings, you can select a spring count and choose a comfort level to create your vision for how your bed feels and the level of support it provides.

Millbrook Beds, on hand to handcraft your vision of #perfectsleep